Client Testimonials for KerberTech

(and President, Jake Kerber)

"Jake… you are the best, highest quality person I know for the work you do! You go way beyond the normal expectations."

"Jake seems to have no boundaries on who he can work with. Sometimes IT folks don't interface well with business staff. By that I mean in drawing out business requirements. Jake is far from that. He communicates well and respects our business practices and helps us fulfill our needs with IT solutions."

"Jake is able to juggle a lot of things at one time. This project required that he learn a lot of different areas of [the client's business], and he was successful in mastering and really understanding all the aspects that this project touched. He was/is a very valuable part of this project."

"It seems like there are no limits with Jake's ideas. Maybe my opinion comes from a lack of our experience in web technologies but it just seems his ideas are always workable and they meet our needs. Yet in a good way he doesn't design a rocket ship when we only need a paper airplane."

"Jake does well at breaking down the problem and analyzing each component to find what the solution needs to be. I know from experience in challenging him with some requirements for [the project] and fixing some things we threw at him."

"Jake's strength is in looking outside the box and coming up with creative ideas. He does an excellent job listening to what the business needs are and working to [meet] those needs."

"Everyone who works with Jake seems to have a great deal of respect for him."

"I work with Jake on a couple of different web applications. He strives to listen to our wants/needs and them at times even comes up with better ideas we hadn't thought of."

"Jake is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the Business receives what their vision is. He is always open to emails, phone calls, etc. He never is short, rude, or otherwise too occupied to assist us."

"Jake is our go-to person for all things technical within his expertise. He never lets us down!"

"Jake's quality is great. He is very knowledgeable and is thorough in performing what is asked of him."

"I have only worked with Jake on one project but it was an extremely positive experience. Jake was instrumental in making this project a success through his thoroughness, organized and thoughtful analysis and implementation of the various pieces of the process."

"Jake's work is always spot on with very little rework if any that I've experienced."

"Jake's technical knowledge is very high level in my mind and he does an excellent job of adapting that knowledge the job he's working on. He quickly understands new business processes and adapts his knowledge of technology to help flush out requirements and design."

"Jake has exceptional attention to detail. He can be counted on to do a very thorough evaluation of any work product and ensure that it accurately covers the decisions that were made."

"I am always amazed at the significant amount of work Jake produces. He is always up to speed on all areas of the [project]. He finds time to review all of the pieces. He was instrumental in putting together documents & flowcharts for presentations to business on the entire project scope. He produces a very high volume of exceptional quality work."

"Jake has very strong technical and analytical skills. He quickly learns about the areas of [the client]'s business that he is working in and applies that knowledge to help develop optimal solutions."

"Jake requires no supervision. He sees the whole project, sees what needs to be done and gets it done."

"Jake has been instrumental in helping to find creative solutions to the many issues and needs of the [project]. Many of the business/system areas were new to Jake at the start but that didn't stop him at all from being able to jump in and be a very active participant with great ideas."

"Jake has exceeded all expectations relating to this project. I would recommend him for any project and hope to get the chance to work with him more."

"Every client I know that has worked with Jake has VERY favorable reviews of him. I had never worked with Jake before this project but I had heard a LOT about him from some of my customers who had. They absolutely LOVE working with Jake! And having worked with him for about 6 months, I now know why!"

"Jake invented, proposed, and championed the current [IT] structure for the [project], which is a creative leveraging of re-usable processing to streamline both IT processing and client workflows."

"Jake does not limit himself to his job description. On the [project], he has presented in the auditorium, helped structure the overall timeline, assisted with plans for testing... Lots of different things."

"Jake is a true asset to the [client's] team. Jake developed the [application] and has always been there to support the application and all the team members within [the client's business areas]. He truly exceeds all expectations I could have for him. Thanks so much for soliciting my feedback."

"Jake, I wanted to acknowledge and thank you for your efforts in making the [the project] a success. Your name was furnished by leadership and Business as a contributing factor."

"Jake routinely comes up with enhancements that the Business has not thought of, that positively impact our procedures."

"Jake could literally step right in and work in the [Business area]; it's like he's done it before. [He's] very quick to catch on to processes, system limitations, etc."

"I always ask for Jake first!! He is wonderful to work with, knowledgeable, and always willing to share ideas and explanations."

"Jake is amazing how quickly he learns systems and processes and retains the information. He has been extremely valuable in this project when it comes to thinking through decisions that needed to be made."

"Jake has an amazing way of understanding the needs of others with little explanation from them. He then will go off and comes back with exactly what they need."

"We have been very lucky to have Jake on this project. He is always very professional and is extremely easy to work with."

"I would love to have Jake on any project I am working on."

"Jake – Thank you! I greatly appreciate your meeting and presenting twice today. You do a great job of talking the right language so that the Business can understand."

"Jake always handles himself professionally, is willing to listen to others, and helps make decisions based on what is best for all involved."

"Jake is always willing to think outside the box to find better options to fulfill the business requirements. He would suggest solutions that could be automated instead of manual processes. Jake is willing to meet with other areas to find the best solution."

"Jake is always making suggestions and his input is always requested by the project team."

"Jake jumps in and helps when he sees the need."

"Jake easily works with the entire team, he is very approachable and helpful."

"For the project [on which] I worked with Jake, his knowledge about the [developed] system and other processes that [it] touches is amazing."

"Jake was asked to take on a large workload for the [project] and did an excellent job of producing results"

"Jake is as knowledgeable as anyone I have met [in IT]. He was a huge help in the detailed business requirements for [the project]."

"Very focused on doing things right the first time."

"The Client looks to Jake for thought leadership, and to validate most of their actions on [the project]."

"Jake does a great job working with the business and in phrasing issues and resolutions in terms the business can understand."

"Jake is great to work with. Nothing phases him and he doesn't stress out over big projects. And he has a good sense of humor!"

"Jake has exceeded my expectations in producing quality work."

"Jake has been amazing in what he has accomplished."

"Within his control, Jake has always met deadlines and completed assignments on time."

"Jake has been extremely easy to work with. He always is professional and polite."

"Jake is the model of a self-motivated team member."

"Jake knows, understands, and adheres to [client] policy. (Most of us get stuck on one of the first two)"

"Jake is great to work with. I'd work with him again any time."

"Jake is a 'go-to' team member for figuring out solutions to complex problems."

"Jake has done an exceptional job on one of my projects, providing diagrams, input, and innovative ideas of the best approach to complete the project efficiently."

"Jake proposed many solutions in regards to [the project]. His innovative ideas were used throughout the project for efficiency."

"Jake works well with everyone. He is personable and very willing to help."

"Jake strives for excellence in whatever application we are working on."

"Jake works well with all levels of team members, is always strictly professional and courteous, and listens attentively and respectfully to all ideas shared."

"Jake always responses to emails, completes assignments and has even done research and tasks that were not asked of him, all in an extremely timely manner."

"The project I am working on with Jake involves many areas and systems within the corporation. He has been able to learn all the areas which then has allowed him help others understand the entire process how each piece ties together."

"On many occasions Jake has come up with excellent suggestions on how to do things or how to enhance tools to improve work processes and quality."

"Jake understands our policies and business rules and never suggests anything that would step outside those bounds."

"Jake thinks outside the box. He is very good to listen to others and then explain his thoughts."

"Jake has really stepped up on the [project] as a tech lead. He is has demonstrated great leadership qualities and vast knowledge of [client]'s infrastructure. [I'm] definitely glad he is on the project."