Maintenance Book is an award-winning maintenance tracking software system that's customizable for your specific equipment and vehicles.

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Here's a free set of quick videos explaining how to setup and use Maintenance Book for tracking your company's maintenance.

Maintenance Book registration
1. Registration:
Learn how to sign up for Maintenance Book to start tracking maintenance. Once you register, you'll have unlimited access to Maintenance Book and be able to track your equipment maintenance for the first month for free.
Organization Management
2. Organization Management:
Learn how to manage your KerberTech apps. Check on your organization's applications, pay bills, setup users, and control access.
Maintenance Book Configuration
3. Configure Maintenance Book:
Learn how to setup the maintenance tracking software. Quickly customize Maintenance Book for your organization based on how you maintain your different types of equipment and vehicles.
Load Equipment Information
4. Load Equipment Info.:
Learn how to setup your equipment and vehicle profiles within Maintenance Book so you can start tracking their maintenance.
Log Repairs and Services
5. Log Repairs & Services:
Learn how to store maintenance information for your vehicles and equipment. Save recurring preventive maintenance (PM) as well as ad-hoc repair information.